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What is Reminder Gadget?

Reminder Gadget is an application that allows you to send information directly to the desktop of your friends, family, colleagues and church body. Getting up and running is simple. Just create an account, download the application, and you're ready to communicate.

"I often come away from church feeling guilty that I have promised to pray for someone, and then completely forgotten about it. This program keeps prayer reminders visible, on my desktop, all day. Now that I'm using it, I find that I am more faithful about holding my church family up in prayer." - S.P.

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Pray and Remember God's word.

Reading and reciting Scripture from the Bible increases spiritual growth. Use Reminder Gadget to share Scripture with your church body, friends, family and colleagues.

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Get organized.

We juggle so much these days. From our careers to family and community obligations, it's hard to keep on top of it all. Staying organized is easy with Reminder Gadget. Just create a custom reminder or "To Do" list and you'll never miss that important appointment again.

Think of it as a shared yellow sticky!

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Lift up your friends and family.

Deep inside all of us, family and friends hold an unchangeable place. Encourage the important people in your life with timely messages.

Reminder Gadget is simple.

Communicate with your friends, family, colleagues and church body in 4 easy steps.


Let's get started!

Create an account, install the gadget, and start using Reminder Gadget.

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Still confused? Read our FAQ's for answers to commons questions and concerns.